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Dr. Brian H. Wikoff, Owner-Doctor of Chiropractic

dr In 1991, Dr. Brian Wikoff graduated from the Los Angeles College of Chiropractic with a Bachelor's Degree in Biology, and a Doctorate in Chiropractic. Shortly after graduating, Dr. Wikoff and his wife Stacey went on to establish an Orange chiropractic office then growing into a Santa Ana chiropractic office which is what we now know as Back to Life Family Chiropractic.

Dr. Wikoff's will be celebrating 24 years of helping people feel and live better with chiropractic this year. He has earned many certifications in areas consisting of Spinal Trauma, Pediatrics, Scoliosis, and sports injuries. Essentially, Dr. Wikoff has been the team doctor for several youth and high school teams: Pop Warner Football, Riders for Christ Freestyle Riding, Gracie Brazilian Jui Jitsu World Team, Saddleback Valley Christian Schools and others. Dr. Wikoff is an extension to faculty at Life Chiropractic College and Southern California University of Health Sciences, previously known as Los Angeles College of Chiropractic.

Dr. Wikoff is married to Stacey and has three children Chanelle 24, teaching Special Education after graduating from Boise State in Idaho, Mason who is 21, who is in Army ROTC at Baylor University and Sheridan 19, at Point Loma University. Dr. Wikoff lives an active and healthy lifestyle. Stacey and Dr. Wikoff love organic gardening together, they have a pretty large crop at this time, tangerines, plums, grapes, tomatoes, lettuce, herbs, cucumbers and more. Dr. Wikoff enjoying sports such as sailing, deep sea diving, hiking, river rafting, SUP, Brazilian JuiJitsu, and Dr. Wikoff's newest hobby spear fishing. Dr. Wikoff has competed in the past in Jui Jitsu competitions, Tough Mudder, and various mud runs and 5ks. Amongst these many activities however, going to church and spending time with his wife and family is his most beloved activity of them all.

Stacey Wikoff, Office Manager

Stacey One of the people you will meet at Back to Life Chiropractic is Stacey Wikoff. Stacey has been involved in Chiropractic since she was a little girl, as a patient. Her mom brought her to see a chiropractor for scoliosis and for help with her asthma. She went on to work in this wonderful field for that same chiropractor. She worked for him for over 10 years before she met her future husband at a chiropractic seminar. Then in 1991, Stacey and Dr. Wikoff got married and shortly after opened their first office together in 1994. What a team!

Stacey can be seen at the front desk, helping patients and managing the office. She has a warm smile and loads of energy, she loves chiropractic and loves helping people. Stacey’s hobbies are decorating and crafts, and you can see her special touches around the office. Stacey’s passionate about sharing chiropractic, living a balanced but fun healthy active lifestyle. She runs, works out, does hot yoga, SUP's and eats healthy. Cooking with organic ingredients is a favorite pastime and teaching about living a holistic lifestyle is a passion. Dr. Wikoff and Stacey spend time together in their organic garden, and love growing seasonal produce. Both Stacey and Dr. Wikoff take pride in their three wonderful children. All of the kids were born naturally at home, vaccine free, they are perfect examples of living a holistic lifestyle. Stacey stayed home with the children when they were young. Now they are either going off to college, or out on their own, and are super healthy young adults.

Stacey is around to help... so feel free to ask questions! She wants you to have an amazing experience at Back to Life Chiropractic and find peace and wellness.

Melissa M., Assistant Office Manager - Personal Injury Department


Melissa, our dynamic chiropractic assistant runs the front desk with ease. She has several years experience working in the UC system in the physical therapy department. Her customer service and ability to multi task has benefited the Back to Life team. Melissa is well educated and graduated from a nursing program in 2012 receiving her LVN. Along with her excellent service she brings compassion and empathy to help the patients in the chiropractic office setting.

Melissa loves chiropractic and was a patient of chiropractic before working at Back to Life. She likes chiropractic because chiropractic is different. Chiropractors treat the cause, and that translates into great health. She loves the natural approach to healthcare, instead of the medical model, which she has seen and worked in. She loves the way Dr. Wikoff cares for the patients and how he takes time to listen...

Melissa is married, and has a son named Carmine. Her hobbies include cooking, and redecorating her home. Melissa also speaks Spanish and loves interacting with patients. So if you have some great recipes or want to see if she has some healthy ones herself - feel free to connect!

Sirley G., Chiropractic Assistant

Sirley grew up in the heart of Santa Ana, spending summers in Mexico, which she misses. She is married and has just given birth to her third baby, a little girl! She has two beautiful children a boy and girl and is on maternity leave bonding with her new baby! Congratualtions!


Sirley knew at a young age that she had scoliosis, but it as never diagnosed. One night, she went out with her and on the way back to her car, she slipped and fell on her tailbone. She got really hurt. The pain was not going away, so she decided to go to the chiropractor. When she saw her x-rays, she wanted to cry because of how crooked her spine was. She started care immediately and her scoliosis improved . She is a strong chiropractic advocate. Since seeing Dr. Wikoff her scoliosis has improved even more and she believes it is his technique. Sirley likes Back to Life Chiropractic because they provide corrective care and uses Chiropractic Biophysics, she didn’t get that at the other chiropractor. Sirley had been having trouble conceiving for years and after starting chiropractic Sirley got pregnant. She gives thanks to chiropractic! All three of her children were born naturally at a birthing center. Her natural birth inspired her to want to become a Natural Childbirth Educator, she will start teaching classes at Back to Life in the start of 2019, after she comes back from maternity leave! Dr. Wikoff and Sirley are so excited about this as the office sees so many pregnant mommies.

Sirley likes to read and do her research on subjects that are important to her, she believes in a more natural way of living and eating. She has some "junk" food from time to time though. She's admitted, that she is a "chip-a-holic". She's very passionate about organic eating, the environment, natural medicine and more recently fitness. Sirley loves the outdoors, hiking and exploring new places. She likes to cook, read, watch documentaries and spend time with her family. You can catch her drinking her smoothie, Kombucha or coconut water at the office. Sirley is very grateful to be working at Back to Life Chiropractic, "Dr. Wikoff genuinely cares about his patients and the office is family friendly."

Tanya S., Physical Therapy Aide - Marketing Assistant


Tanya grew up in central Orange County , and was raised in the beautiful city of Tustin. She is very close to her parents are three brothers. Since a young girl, Tanya was very active in sports related activities. She played soccer and then went on to playing volleyball. Volleyball became her favorite sport and she continued to play all the way through high school and then onto college. Her volleyball career was a success. However, it was very competitive and it wasn't short of injuries. Those injures helped lead Tanya to the athletic trainer's room in the physical therapy department, sparking her interest in helping others. From that point on, Tanya knew she wanted to be in a field getting people better.

Tanya obtained her Bachelor's degree in Kinesiology at Cal State Fullerton. She learned how God made the body with a perfect design and the wonderful benefits of exercise and healing. Tanya gets to use all this knowledge in our therapy department. She sets up our patients on traction, on our scoliosis table, she creates exercise programs to helps rehabilitate, restore and strengthen patient's spines. She is a bright light for the patients that encounter her. Her nurturing personality, her smile along with her gentle touch helps those in pain feel at ease along with Dr Wikoff's great chiropractic care.

Tanya also helps market Back to Life Chiropractic. She sets up lunch and learn talks for local businesses, works directly with the Santa Ana Chamber of Commerce, and helps out with corporate health fairs or events Dr. Wikoff may be part of. We would love to provide a lunch, or support your corporate event with a donation, or educate your employees on a wellness workplace. Give Tanya a call anytime to get more information! She is a bright light for the patients that encounter her. Her beautiful smile and gentle touch can put you ate ease along with Dr. Wikoff's great chiropractic care.

Kaitie R., Chiropractic Assistant


Kaitie was born and raised in Riverside, California and graduated from Ramona High School in 2011. During her high school years, she was very involved with health science and knew she wanted to go into a profession where she could provide care to others. This lead Kaitie to fields as a veterinarian assistant, a teacher, and a senior nutrition specialist. 

Kaitie just recently graduated from medical assisting program at North-West College.  After finishing her program, Kaitie came to Back to Life Chiropractic to fulfill her externship. She was offered a position at our office because she is a great fit. She has gained so much knowledge about Chiropractic and holistic medicine that now she plans to continue to grow within the company and wants to lead a healthier lifestyle.

Kaitie has been married to her loving husband for 4 years and has 2 dogs. She loves to laugh so any good joke will make her day!  In her spare time, she loves to go to sporting events which include Hockey, Football, and Baseball games, spend time at the beach, and loves to watch all of the “I Love Lucy” series.  

Trinah G., Insurance Billing Manager


Trinah grew up in the Philippines and moved to the United States when she was 22 years old. She graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing, RN.

Trinah’s first job was in a chiropractic office of a great chiropractic friend of Dr. Wikoff’s. She worked for that office for 11 years as his office manager and insurance biller. Then in 2011, Trinah decided to open TStar Billing. Lucky us! With over 18 years of chiropractic billing experience, Trinah is a leader in her field. Her extreme diligence and attention to detail makes her a cut above the rest. Trinah keeps current on the ever changing world of medical billing to ensure all the latest regulations are implemented and every possible dollar is collected.

Trinah has been married to her husband, Chris for over 17 years. They now have their first son, Preston, who is 2. Then 3 fur babies, Roman a Rottweiler (7), Russia a Red Lab (6) and Riley a Chocolate Lab (4m). Trinah and her husband live a very active healthy lifestyle. They both enjoy hiking and kickboxing during the week. On the weekends, they hang out with their family and go to the lake or to a park, tend to their organic garden, and on Sunday they reserve it for church!

Russell B., Massage therapist


Bio coming soon!

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