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 "I am a 51 year old who has suffered from back, knee, and hip pain for over 30 years. I have seen many doctors and physical therapists along the way for these issues, but none of them got to the root cause. Each time I went, it was “you need to come for X number of weeks” and you will be good as new. After completing the total visits, I felt better for a couple of months, but the pain always came back. I was in the mindset of “this is how I am going to be for the rest of my life, in constant pain.”

That was until I was introduced to Dr. Wikoff. During my first visit, they took some X-rays, and it turned out I had double scoliosis. While looking at the X-Rays, he asked if I ever had anxiety for no apparent reason and I tearfully said yes, why do you ask? The reason I teared up, I have been suffering from horrible anxiety and panic attacks for over 25 years. Again, I saw many doctors about this, but they just prescribed medication. Dr. Wikoff stated that there was a lot of tension in the upper back, which can trigger your flight response.

Another thing he noticed right away was my right leg is shorter than the left. He asked if I had any knee or hip pain, and I told him that I did and that I was aware of that. I even had a couple of therapists tell me, but they didn’t do anything about it. Dr. Wikoff handed me a 10 dollar heel lift and said to put it in my shoe. Guess what, not even 2 weeks later, my knee and hip no longer have pain. To me, that showed honesty and integrity. Why didn’t the other doctors tell me this?

Decision was to do 36 visits and at every one, the entire staff was so knowledgeable, caring, compassionate, and always willing to listen to any issues I may have with my body. I especially loved Worship Wednesdays, where I could do my therapy and spend a little time with God.

Fast forward to 36 visits, the X-rays showed my spine is perfectly straight and my neck now has a beautiful curve, just like it’s supposed to. No more back, knee or hip pain and my anxiety has greatly decreased.

Thank you to all of the staff, especially Dr. Wikoff, who is so knowledgeable about the entire body. He moved the bones and God healed them. I recommend Back To Life Chiropractic for all of your Chiropractic needs."

- Tim W.

Tim Testimony

"I don't even know where to start with how AMAZING Back to Life Chiropractic has been for my family! We see Dr. Wikoff and his team each week since before I was pregnant. I had such an easy pregnancy thanks to my adjustments and massages! My daughter had pretty bad acid reflex as an infant and it helped her tremendously! Going into my second pregnancy and I look forward to seeing my chiropractic family. My daughter also LOVES coming to see her favorite girls at the front desk! We can't thank them enough for all they do for our family!!"

- Julia P.


"My husband and I started our journey at back to life family chiropractic in December of 2019 for a multitude of different reasons but mainly for infertility and hormone imbalance.  After 3 years of hard work, physical therapy, so much love & care from Dr. Brian, the Back to Life Family and our holistic Dr. here we are a family of 3, loving our weekly visit to our back to life family!! It's so surreal to think about this journey we went through; Dec 2019 we did our original assessments and X-rays. 2020 we went deep into working on fixing, strengthening and healing from the source. One by one each issue was being addressed and healed. 16 degree scoliosis turn into 2 degree!!! Hormonal imbalances slowly but surely actively balancing out, regular periods and ovulating regularly started being the norm as 2021 approached. And Nov 2021 we find out we're pregnant! Praise God! We stayed diligent in our weekly visits for prenatal chiropractic care which really really helped make our pregnancy extremely smooth! Towards the end of our pregnancy I started to get sciatica and severe pelvic pains where walking seemed impossible and certain positions laying down were so uncomfortable because of how painful it was. Every time I'd visit Dr. Brian he'd know exactly what was wrong even by just watching me walk to the room. After each of these prenatal visits, oh man, it was like I was a different person! My pelvis, back, hips and legs finally would feel normal again. Now here we are, our 3 year anniversary and we bring our sweet baby girl to see her uncle Brian and extended back to life family every week preventatively. She and I have been going consistently since she was 3 days old for postpartum and birth trauma.

We absolutely love our back to life family! They've cared for us so well and we couldn't be more grateful!"

-Katharine L.

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"Our first appointment me and my husband were immediately impressed! Wasn't expecting to do and x-ray but we found out my husband had scoliosis. Dr. Wikoff was able to set up a plan to help and he improved it! We love Dr. Wikoff! He is super friendly and the best chiropractor we've ever been to. His team is equally friendly and gives great service! We feel so taken care of definitely recommend back to life family chiropractic to all of our family and friends!"

-Christy B.


"Dr. Wikoff is by far thee #1 chiropractor!

As a patient: We initially came to Dr. Wikoff because our then 2 month old had colic and nothing else was working until we were referred to him. His work is magic! Not only did he help my son with colic, but he also helped him sleep through the night. Once my fiancé and I saw the benefits of chiropractic care, we became patients as well and continued with wellness adjustments.
A year later my fiancé and I had tried to get pregnant without any success for three months and not once did it occur to me to mention it to Dr. Wikoff. I had a wellness appointment and he asked if I had an issue with my left ovary, which I was unaware of, because he sensed that something was off. I explained to him that we had been trying to get pregnant, but had trouble and Dr. Wikoff adjusted me based on that problem. The following month I WAS PREGNANT!! Thanks to Dr. Wikoff's magical hands he helped my fiancé and I conceive. If that isn't enough proof that he is thee #1 chiropractor I don't know what is!
I became a strong believer in chiropractic care and my 4 children now go to Dr. Wikoff not only for wellness adjustments, but also when they are coming down with a cold, ear infection, or tummy problems. Thanks to Dr. Wikoff I have also said goodbye to over the counter pain pills. Now when I feel a headache coming I'll have him adjust me and 10 min later my headache is gone! We love Dr. Wikoff or should I say "Dr. Popcorn" as my kids like to call him.

Being a long time patient I have made friends with other patients and have personally witnessed the miraculous benefits of chiropractic care. From newborns to the elderly. From wellness to severe illness. From watching patients barely able to walk to walking normal with a straight posture and smile on their face. I have witnessed Dr. Wikoff change so many lives including mine! I absolutely love being part of BTL family with someone who has a beautiful impact on people's lives. Dr. Wikoff truly cares for his patients and prays for his patients.

If you are pregnant, feeling under the weather, having trouble conceiving, in pain, whatever it may be, you don't have to turn to medication and/or surgery. Give Dr. Wikoff the opportunity to help you the natural way!"

-Christina S.


"I found Dr. Wikoff right after i had gotten pregnant. I had thrown my back out and was in miserable pain and knew I couldn't keep going with two growing babies the way I was feeling. I saw Dr. Wikoff every week starting after 8 weeks and up until 35 weeks and now he adjusts our twins as well.  I have recommended him to any of my friends that ask and will continue to do so!"

-Taylor S.


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